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About Us

Inspiring Grace, named by one of the greatest living scholars of our time, Sayiduna Habib Kadhim as-Saqqaf, is a community organisation whose aim is to revive neglected Sunnahs of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) who has himself informed us "The one who brings one of my Sunnahs back to life, it's as if he brought me back to life". Thus we are focused on positive community action including the following:

Feeding the homeless/needy - support our Food Bank

Setting up Prophetic sports for all ages and genders - sign up to our Prophetic Sports Programme

Educational courses for all ages and genders covering the essential elements of the religion - enrol on an Education Course

Working in schools/colleges to help young Muslims understand, appreciate and practice their faith. 

Registered Charity - 1158044

General Enquiries: 07712 305189 or 07788270413

FoodBank / Prophetic Sports:

INSPIRING GRACE is working in partnership with the Burnley Faith Centre, Illuminated Gardens (Blackburn), The Unity Foundation (Preston), New Muslims Lancashire and Greensville Trust (Liverpool) on a range of different projects and courses aimed at helping Muslims gain a deeper and more profound understanding of their faith.