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Horse Riding Courses

Inspiring Grace regularly run 6 week horse riding beginner courses in Briercliffe, Nr. Burnley Lancashire. The aim of the course is for complete beginners to learn a Prophetic sport in a fun learning environment. We have Mens and Womens classes with the minimum age being 6. We have run classes in 2013 and 2014 and the 2015 are now all fully booked. Keep an eye out on this page for our 2016 courses.

What you will the course consist of?

Over 6 weeks you will learn the fundamentals of riding - control of a horse, correct posture, balance, manouevering the horse from left to right and some trotting.

UPCOMING Course Dates  - TBC

“There is always goodness in horses till the Day of Resurrection.” [Bukhari]

Horse riding has a great number of physical and psychological benefits including bringing a sense of enjoyment to riders. The sense of enjoyment stems from both the riding experience and feeling connected with the outback, which is crucial to the realisation of our higher humanity.

In order to ride a horse properly, a rider needs to exert control and master the techniques required to make the horse respond to instructions. Rearing a horse is akin to disciplining the lower self (nafs) as Imam al-Ghazali elaborated in his symbolisms of the lower self. It is also analogous to the rearing of children especially as it relates to the rewarding of good character traits.

Learning to ride a horse proficiently is not an easy matter and the element of patience will need to be cultivated. A sense of responsibility, respect and care towards the horse are nurtured which consequently lead to a greater capacity to reflect these traits towards humanity.