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Our Team

Anisa Rasul

Anisa graduated from Manchester University with a First Class Honours Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies. She then went on to do a PGCE in Religious Education for which she earned a Distinction. Since then Anisa has taught Religious Education, Citizenship and PSHE to secondary school students. She is also very active in the community field and has been instrumental in setting up a community organisation called Safaa in Newcastle whose aim is to bring renowned scholarship to the city in order to raise the current level of discourse and give the local people a wider perspective. She has been given ijazah to teach Fiqh (Islamic Law) and Tajweed (Pronunciation) to both beginners and intermediate level students and is currently studying with some of the leading scholars in the country at the Micro Madrasa programme in Huddersfield in Year 2. She currently resides in Nelson with her husband and child where she is engaged in a number of different social programmes  alongside a group of dedicated sisters.

Anisa is in charge of our Inspiring Children project and has created a home education academy in the local area. She is currently undertaking the well reknowned Montessori Diploma as well as running a creche at the Liverpool Micro madrassa. In the past she has delivered a special course on "Islamic perspectives on Women" to a group of teenage girls at Witton Park High School as well as running a New Muslims Lancashire Beginners Course in Blackburn. She has also recently qualified as an archery instructor and leads the archery sessions for women.

Ustadh Shakeel Ahmed

Ustadh Shakeel attended the Greensville Trust’s Micro-Madrasa program from 2007 until 2014, studying a number of subjects including spirituality and theology. He has been exceptionally blessed to spend time in the company of great luminaries of the tradition. He studied Multimedia Journalism with Business Management and IT at the University of Manchester, graduating in 2003, and is self-employed as a scriptwriter with his work portfolio including the BBC.

In the past Ustadh Shakeel has delivered both the Essentials of Islam and Signs of the End of Time courses (see all our current courses here - He wrote the script for the BBC short film 'My Jihad' which can be found on the iPlayer platform. He is currently studying the Arabic language in Cairo, Egypt, and plans to return to Nelson after his studies to benefit his local community.


Ustadh Tahir Anwar

Ustadh Tahir Anwar graduated from the Three Year Micro-Madrasa programme in 2011 where he studied a number of subjects alongside some of the leading scholars in the UK including Spirituality, Fiqh (Islamic Law), Quranic Arabic and Shamail (Prophetic Biography). He also studied Basic Arabic Grammar, Islamic Law and Hadith in Nottingham as part of an Aalim programme. He was fortunate to gain ijazah to teach "The Beginning of Guidance", a basic spirituality text by the "Proof of Islam" Imam al-Ghazali and "The Ajrumiyyah", a primer in Arabic grammar.

He currently teaches "Basic Arabic Reading and Writing" to new muslims and "Quranic Arabic" in Preston for The Unity Foundation and basic Fiqh (Purity and Prayer) and Tajweed (Pronunciation) at his local mosque. He currently resides in Nelson with his wife and child where he is actively involved in a number of different projects.

Ustadh Tahir Anwar is the chair of Inspiring Grace and is heavily involved in all our projects including teaching our Prophecy course. In 2014 he taught the Spirituality module of the Essentials of Islam course

Rashid Hussain

Rashid studied Business and Information Systems at University. Since graduating he has held IT posts at British Telecom, Samuel Cooke and currently works as an analyst for Lancashire County Council. He is responsible for the administration and running of the Inspiring Grace website. 

As a fully qualified archery instructor, he
runs the mens archery courses and is lead co-ordinator on the Feeding Pendle & Beyond Horse-Riding and Wrestling Projects.