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Feeding Projects

Feeding Pendle & Beyond - Mobile Food Bank


Essentials of Islam
Death and Dying Course  
Experience Ramadan for New and Non Muslims
Ramadan Iftar New Muslims 
New Muslims Lancashire Introduction to Islam Course
New Muslim Mentoring Scheme


Prophetic Sports
Archery Course
Horse Riding Courses
Inspiring Grace Swimming Club
Sunnah Wrestling


Islamic Psychology and Therapy for Practitioners course
Foundation Course in Islamic Counselling
Inspiring Grace Counselling Service
Inspiring Grace Mediation Service
Inspiring Children
Inspiring Children 



Our Full Services

Inspiring Grace Services - 2015
May, 14 2015
Faisal Hanif Column

Faisal Hanif Column

Originally from Nelson, Faisal Hanif works as a freelance journalist. He recently graduated in the MA Newspaper Journalism programme at City University, London and has a Masters qualification in ...

Prophetic Sports Programme

Futuwwa is a composite of the way of prophecy and the virtues that were completed by means of it. It is one of the most fundamental stations in religion, as well as one of the foundational dimension ...

Greensville Outreach 2014/15

We will be hosting Shaykh Haroon Hanif (Liverpool) for seven sessions this year covering the course 'Dying and Death: Preparing for the final Journey'. Railway Street Community Centre, Railway ...