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Horse-Riding Courses

Posted on: 04 December 2013

The Inspiring Grace Prophetic Sports programme started 6 week horse-riding courses suitable for beginners in October 2013 with two back-to-back courses which will run into 2014.


The Male courses will continue and the Female courses will begin in the spring of 2014. The full cost of the course will be £65 for 9 hours over the 6 weeks - which comes to roughly £7 per hour! We hope this is affordable to many of you.

Over the 6 weeks the courses, which are suitable for complete beginners, will consist of horse-care and the fundamentals of riding. The sessions will take place at Herd House Farm in Briercliffe nr Burnley.

Whilst we will try our best to enrol all registrants on the course, it may not always be possible due to height and weight restrictions. To register, please email us at or call us on 07788270413 (places are limited).

Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-Efa on Horse-Riding

Horse riding/rearing is related to the domestication or controlling of our lower self such that it comes under the command of Divine Revelation and the intellect. The Shaykh mentioned that at the beginning of the path we can only overcome the lower self by giving it something of what it desires. Hence the brilliance of the Prophetic Hadith, “Three things were made beloved to me from your dunya: women, perfume and the coolness of my eye is in prayer”. This Hadith is teaching us that if we give the ego what it wants within the confines of the Shariah in terms of lower desires for smell and touch (i.e. co-habitation with the opposite sex and beautiful smells), we will then be able to achieve that presence in the prayer (Divine Communion) which the spirit craves. Thus the domestication or taming of horses is vital in training the lower self as the science directly relates to the very same senses (i.e. touch and smell) related to the lower self as alluded in the above Hadith. This is because the soul is in an alien environment in this world and is trapped within a physical entity but it yearns to return to the Divine Presence from whence it came. This is the true meaning and purpose of prayer, to remember the primordial realm where all of humanity testified to the Lordhip of the One True God.

Many of our scholars (e.g. Imam al Ghazali) have made the analogy of training the lower self and training a horse. This analogy fits in well with modern research such as the interesting findings of a book called “Horse Sense” which charts the dramatic improvement in the behaviour of a group of young delinquents who had previously been involved in different correctional facilities but whose behaviour improved greatly upon breeding horses.