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Inspiring Children

Posted on: 25 July 2014

“Play with your children for seven years” – Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib

Inspiring Grace Aim: Our hope is to provide a somewhat pure environment for children in chaotic times with wholesome Islamic and Arabic based activities as a means of preserving their natural purity. We hope to do this through arranging suitable indoor and outdoor activities focussed on natural, organic spiritual play.

“We should place our children in environments of play that are beloved to Allah and His Messenger away from other children that may perhaps swear or teach them ungodly character traits” – Ustadha Umm Abdullah, Greensville Trust

Our Activities

Our beloved Prophet, peace and eternal blessings be upon him and his family said ”Teach your children swimming, archery and horse riding”. Our 4 year old children in the group have been grooming for 6 months now and have now gone on to ride  lessons take place on Mondays at an incredible £9 an hour. Contact 07581052600
“Physical activity connects the spirit with the world, and such activities inspire courage and self-confidence" MARIA MONTESSORI


The kids had their first session at Forest School today. We had great fun learning the colours and shades of Allah's creation, and sucking up creepy crawlies! Anyone wanting to join us for one-off sessions is welcome at a cost of £15 for the morning.

Hajj project: This morning the children got stuck in with paper-mache and made the mountains of Mecca! Here is the beginning of our mountain Safa!

Inspiring Children: Eid Morning Breakfast.

Menu: Free range egg omelette with choice of ingredients, served on a slice of organic toasted sourdough
Wild oak smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels,
Breakfast stack, vegetarian sausage, hash brown and melted chedder cheese sandwiched between a toasted English muffin
Homemade French Crepes with choice of filling
Spiced poached eggs served with Madagascan vanilla scented yoghurt
Traditional style rice pudding
Fresh fruit salad
A room with 60 chocolate filled balloons..! :)

Face painting, mehndi, pass the parcel, sack races, egg and spoon races, tile making, pin the moon over the masjid, knocking over bad deeds (bowling!), food, cakes and a bouncy castle; all in one afternoon!

The nephew of the imam of masjid al Aqsa, Palestine, is in Rochdale and is leaving for Palestine soon. He asked if the children could draw some pictures and cards for the children of Palestine for Eid, of course we did!

The inspiring children group have been "Baking for Palestine" They have also had their Sadaqah boxes at home now for a few weeks; with the bake sale today and collection of their boxes, they managed to raise £130 for Palestine. Small acts by small people inshAllah will have great impact.

Eid Morning Breakfast Party for our home ed group, prep under way. Just got 60 Balloons to fill with sweets and blow up.


Following on with our theme of "GOOD DEEDS" this Ramadan with the children, we made and measured good deeds and bad deeds, and learnt how we will be questioned on yawm al qiyamah. And our good deed tree has more petals!

Our home-schooling group, inspiring children, have collectively sponsored an orphan from Niger, the children have been paired up and every few months will be responsible for raising £15. This month the girls made and sold cakes at our annual "Experience Ramadan" event. This week we will also be collecting the Sadaqah boxes they made earlier this year and donating it to Gaza.

"The Earth is green and beautiful, and Allah has appointed you his stewards over it. The whole earth has been created a place of worship, pure and clean. " Hadith Remember our good deed tree from last week? It needed petals so we went litter picking!

Eid Decorations

Pictures from the moon sighting party with the Inspiring Children group which celebrated the coming of the blessed and holy month of Ramadan
Inspiring children: today we learn't the different shapes and names of the moon with OREO COOKIES! The kids had great fun making thier own and running around the earth! Super proud of them.
Inspiring Grace is pleased to announce Nelson's first Islamic playgroup. Inspiring Children. The group has been running for a while now, it includes a range of indoor and outdoor activities. Some of the things we do are a weekly visit to a local horse riding school, project based activities and activities with a local forest school. For more info or to register contact 07581052600