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Tajweed for Beginners

Tajweed for Beginners

Our new Tajweed course with  the brilliant Shaykh Sa'ad Al-'Attas takes place every Tuesdays at the Railway Street Community Centre. 

On the open day, the Shaykh talked about the course structure and expected outcomes with the desire in the community to create Tajweed therapists - teaching in a completely transformative manner. The shaykh also inspired all in attendance talking about the Quran giving us physical well-being, an expiation of our sins and plenty of reward. He invited all to begin to see the Quran as the Ultimate Book of Secrets.

Some features of the course:

- Learn to read the Quran Perfectly
- Step by Step Guidance
- Easy and Comprehensive
- Course Material Provided
- 10 week Semesters (Tajweed Untangled, Practical Qaida Books 1-6)
- Ijazah (Authorisation)