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Monthly Yasin Reading

Inspiring Grace will launch our Yasin Project - a group recital of the heart of the Quran, Surah Yasin, every month at Walton Lane Cemetery, Walton Lane Nelson. The group reading will take place at the site where the Muslim graves are and we encourage all brothers and children to attend (including girls aged 11 and under). We will pass on the reward to the deceased and will also benefit by being in the proximity of death - a destination no man can be saved from.

The recitations will take place on Thursday Nights starting on Thursday 5th January 2017 at 6:30pm Prompt. The readings will take no longer than 30 minutes inshaAllah. We will have waterproof laminated yasins alongside umbrellas in case there is rain. The items have been kindly donated by Arif Hajj and Umrah Services Limited who will also support the project.


Arif Hajj & Umrah Service is a Professional Tour Operator; founded in 1997 we are a Ministry of Hajj Approved and ATOL (9901) Registered Company, with 19 Years of experience and dedicated service in assisting Hujjaj to gain a spiritual yet practical Hajj experience.

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