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New Muslims Lancashire Beginners Course

Posted on: 13 March 2013

UPDATE - Ustadha Anisa Rasul is currently delivering an Essentials of Islam course to New Muslim sisters covering the core topics of the religion such as faith, ritual prayer, spirituality and prophetic characteristics. These classes, which run from 18:00 - 20:00 every Saturday, will continue throughout the year. We encourage all New Muslim sisters to attend and benefit inshAllah


Working together with the excellent work being done by Muhammad Amad and his team at New Muslims Lancashire, Ustadh Tahir is currently teaching new muslims the basics of the religion. 

The classes are held at the Audley Sports & Community Centre in Blackburn every Saturdays at 18:00. We encourage all New Muslims to attend. 

On Saturday 8th December, the Ustadh held a group discussion about the purpose of prayer. Asking for forgiveness, benefit in afterlife, exercise and communion with God were some of the thoughts from the New Muslims. He then went on to talk about the rulings regarding prayer such as when has the prayer time entered, prayer on transport, intention before prayer, the 10 recommended acts in prayer and the obligatory elements.

New Muslim Yusuf then gave a demonstration of the forgetfulness prostration (picture) which is necessary should one make a mistake during the course of the prayer. The Ustadh ended by looking at some of the meanings behind Al-Fatiha, the verses which are recited at every standing in prayer.

See Pictures from the course here


"Also, each seeker of knowledge amongst you all should strive to have the understanding, and experiencing and realising. Of What? of the fact that this knowledge is the inheritance of our master Muhammad (saw). And the transfer of inheritance is always according to the relationship with the one who is inherited from. It is not possible for anyone to inherit from another person if there is no relationship between them. So there should be a strong relationship of the heart between every one of you and the Beloved Prophet (saw) to the utmost extent possible. This is established through love, attachment, and sending plenty of prayers upon him and to be guided by his guidance and to hold fast to his Sunnah (life example). To look at all of creation the way he looked at it - with the eye of mercy. Mercy for the lover, and the hater. For the one who does good, and for the one who does bad. For the one who is friendly and for the one who is hostile. Thinking the best of those around you. This is strength that is supported by him (saw). To the extent of the connection and the love for this noble person. For truly these are keys. If only you grasp them the realities of knowledge would become manifest to you. And the fruits of knowledge. And Allah Most High's benefiting you. I ask Allah, for myself and for you all, for perfect divinely-gifted ability. Indeed He is the One who is the one takes care of that, and is All Able to grant it."

- Sheikh Habib Ali Jifri