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Islamic Perspectives on Women - 2nd Class delivered.

Posted on: 23 April 2013

Inspiring Grace are pleased to announce that Ustadha Anisa Rasul will be delivering a special course on "Islamic perspectives on Women" to a group of teenage girls at Witton Park High School.

The Ustadha will deliver a series of seminars highlighting the significant contribution made by women throughout Islamic history in a number of different fields including scholarship, politics, commerce and even the battlefield!

There will be a particular focus on the Prophetic Era and we sincerely hope that this will inspire our young women to become future leaders inspired by the great example of those who came before them.

***Update (18/03/2013)*** - Ustadha Anisa delivered the first of a series of lectures on “Islamic Perspectives on Women” to a group of around 60 teenage girls at Witton Park School in Blackburn. The Ustadha spoke about the using some of the great female figures in Islam history as role models and also mentioned a few general principles on the gender relation within the Islamic tradition based on the Quran and Hadith. The course will resume after the Easter Holidays

*** Update (19/04/2013)*** -Ustadha Anisa Rasul was in Witton Park School in Blackburn on Friday where she delivered a workshop to around 40 schoolgirls on a very relevant and important topic, “Women in the Prophetic Era”. This was the 2nd session of the recently launched “Women in Islam” course. The Ustadha spoke passionately about the significant role the Female Companions played in all aspects of life ranging from politic...s, the marketplace and even the battlefield! She will go through brief biographies of some of the most significant female Companions such as Khadija, Fatima and Aisha (May Allah be pleased with them all) in forthcoming sessions.

Inspiring Grace would like to express it’s heartfelt thanks to the English Department at Witton Park for facilitating this opportunity for us. Please do contact us if you would be interested in Ustadha Anisa delivering this course at your school or Madrasah.