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Download Action Elevation Document
An Audio Presentation. “Inspiring Grace” is pleased to present an exciting new venture specifically aimed at encouraging people of all ages and genders to revive the Sunnah on a practical level in their daily lives.
Download Archery Assistant
Download Experience Ramadan - Fasting Presentation
Slides from the Fasting Presentation at the recent Experience Ramadan for New and Non Muslims Event
Download Feeding Pendle & Beyond
Presentation at Schools
Download Food - A Prophetic Perspective
Download Food Parcel Volunteer
Download Gift Aid Form
Download Greenville Partners Upcoming Events
Download HerdHouse Safety Rules
Download IG Football Tournament
IG Football Tournament Form
Download IG Newsletter
Download In the House of The Prophet - Sheikh Muhammad Al Husayni Al Ninowy
“The best of you are those who are best to their families, and I am best with my family” – The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa alihi wassalam). The family is a functional unit of society. If it is successful, the society/community is successful.
Download Inspiring Grace - Bringing the Sunnah Back to Life
Who are inspiring grace? Read more about us and help us by filling in the standing order form
Download Inspiring Grace Exclusive: Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-Efa on Prophetic Sports and Moral Virtue.
In one of the most famous and well known Prophetic statements, the Final Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “I was (only) sent to perfect noble character” (Tabarani).
Download Islamic Sciences - A Foundational Literacy Course
The Inspiring Grace Islamic Sciences course will provide students with an elementary overview to three of the most fundamental and important disciplines of Islam
Download Kitāb al-Fitan Course Outline
Kitāb al-Fitan Course Outline
Download Opening to the Quran Course
Download Prophetic Medicine - An Introduction
An introduction to Prophetic medicine and notes from class 2 - Joint Pain. Visit for videos
Download Ramadan Matters Seminar
Download Ramadhan & Community Iftar Event - 15th August 2012
This Ramadhan Burnley & Pendle Faith Centre in partnership with Building Bridges in Burnley and Inspiring Grace has organised a sponsored fast and community ‘Iftar’ event to allow everyone to learn about and enjoy Ramadan.